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Storytelling at the Mark Twain House
2 years ago

Colin McEnroe ("Father's Day") & Jennifer LaRue ("First Things First")

Live from the Mark Twain House

Episode Notes

This episode’s storytellers have a little bit of an inside track in my professional and personal life… First up is Colin McEnroe. In addition to being a columnist with Hearst Connecticut, author of the memoir, My Father's Footprints, and Lose Weight Through Great Sex with Celebrities (The Elvis Way), which is definitely NOT a memoir, he is also my friend and the host of the aptly-name Colin McEnroe Show on WNPR, Connecticut Public Radio, where we work together.

His story is from June of 2013 from the Father’s Day edition of The Mouth-off.

Next up is Jennifer LaRue. She’s an editor at Connecticut Explored, a children’s book writer, and publicist, AND she’s Director of Marketing & Public Relations at the Mark Twain House & Museum. She’s also the reason I have such an easy time putting this show on.

Her story was from our January 2017 show, and the theme was “First Things First".

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