The Mouth-Off with Chion Wolf
Storytelling at the Mark Twain House
2 years ago

Michael Shelby ("It Happened So Fast") & Chion Wolf ("The ONE Time...")

Episode Notes

First up, we’ve got a story from Michael Shelby. Michael is the President and CEO of Shall BE Llc, and an addiction counselor at Rushford and The Center for Internet and Technology addiction. In his spare time he loves performing Improv, travelling, comedy and reading.

Michael’s story was from September of 2018, and the theme was “It Happened So Fast”.

This next one is from me! I do love the challenge of coming up with a story for each and every one of these shows, but I didn’t know I would be telling this one until just a couple of days beforehand. This is from the September 2019 installment of The Mouth-Off, and the theme was “The ONE Time…”

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