The Mouth-Off with Chion Wolf
Storytelling at the Mark Twain House
2 years ago

Jen Montgomery ("April Fools") & Katie Kelly ("Caught In The Act")

Episode Notes

Our first story is from Jen Montgomery. She’s an ethics attorney, poet, writer, part-time adventurer, and mama who hates cake and loves pie. She says she’s teaching herself how to bake bread, practice kindness, and fight the patriarchy. Jen’s story was from the April 2016 show, with the aptly-themed “April Fools!”

Then, we’ve got Katie Kelly! She writes screenplays and works in Development at Trinity College in Hartford, and her story - with some profanity, you should know - was from our September, 2015 show. The theme was “Caught In The Act: Stories About NOT Getting Away With It”

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