The Mouth-Off with Chion Wolf
Storytelling at the Mark Twain House
a year ago

WILD CARDS: Azua Echevarria · Lena DiGenti · Mark Zipadelli

"First Things First" · "It's An Emergency!" · "April Fools"

Episode Notes

This is a very special Wild Card Edition of The Mouth-Off podcast! The penultimate speaker at every taping of the show is an audience volunteer chosen at random. They get a 5-minute limit on the theme of the night, and so often, we get some pretty surprising, powerful stories.

Brace yourself for three stories. We’ll get started with a bang thanks to Azua Echevarria. Check out her great work at, and on Instagram at @azuaintuition, @rework_creative, @ageintobeauty, @2doperags, and @wildwomantwinflame. She is a BUSY human being!

The next story is from Lena DiGenti. Lena is a foster and adoption advocate whose unconventional upbringing fueled her passion for helping people and organizations develop into their best unique selves. Her story was from February of 2018, and the theme was “It’s an Emergency”.

Our final wild card of this episode is from Mark Zipadelli. Mark is a Business Analytics Lead Analyst at Cigna, AND a kickass ballroom dancer. His story was from April of 2016, and the theme was “April Fools! Stories about getting duped”

You should know that you’ll hear some adult themes and DEFINITELY some profanity, which, at the mouth-off, is allowed and encouraged.

Wanna see the show? Visit and email your story pitches to [email protected] up to two weeks before the event.

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