The Mouth-Off with Chion Wolf
Storytelling at the Mark Twain House
a year ago

Rand Richards Cooper ("The Fame & The Fame-Ish") & Becky Beth Benedict ("Luck & Serendipity")

Episode Notes

Our first story in this episode is from Rand Richards Cooper. He’s the author of The Last to Go and Big As Life. His writing has appeared in Harper’s, GQ, Esquire, The Altantic, Bon Appétit and the New York Times, and Hartford Magazine. He lives in Hartford with his wife, Molly, and daughter, Larkin.

His story is from our June, 2014 show, and the theme was “The Fame and the Fame-ish: Brushes with Celebrity”.

Next up is Becky Beth Benedict. Becky Beth is a farmer’s daughter and theater teacher, originally from North Dakota.

Her story is from the September 2013 show, and the theme was “Luck & Serendipity”.

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