The Mouth-Off with Chion Wolf
Storytelling at the Mark Twain House
2 years ago

Betsy Rose ("On Vacation") & Brian Jones ("You Animal!")

Episode Notes

Our first story is from Betsy Rose. She’s worked in child care for over 35 years, which she credits with keeping her young and with a sense of humor. She has belonged to the Connecticut Storytelling Association and a local storytelling group, Hither and Yon.

Betsy’s story was from June of 2015, and the theme was “On Vacation”

Our next storyteller is Brian Jones. I wanted to release his story now, to honor his life - Brian died at his home in Glastonbury on July 4, 2019.

Brian was Connecticut’s State Archaeologist and associated with the Department of Anthropology at UConn.

He was particularly interested in studying the peopling of the New World and stone tool analysis, and he had recently made the archaeology of 17th Century Connecticut one of his top priorities. He was also a loving friend, husband, father, mentor, student, helper, interpreter, traveler, drummer, martial-artist, philosopher, and outstanding storyteller.

His wife Margaret, wrote to me to add this:

“Brian's telling of this story reveals so much about him. He was both a scientist and a spiritual person, and those seemingly contradictory sides of him are so evident here. He was also incredibly brilliant but down to earth at the same time. Knowing him made me a better person. Now that he's gone, I follow his path by trying to be more patient, more curious, more aware of the natural world, and more conscious of the beauty in all living things. I hope that anyone hearing this story can take away that same sense of wonder and connection with other living things.”

Enjoy Brian’s story from November of 2015. The theme was “You Animal! Stories About Encounters With Beasts, Both Foreign & Domestic”.

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