The Mouth-Off with Chion Wolf
Storytelling at the Mark Twain House
2 years ago

Larry Elsner ("Take My Advice" / "Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time") & John "Fast Jack" Farrell ("Caught In The Act")

Episode Notes

First up? The one and only Larry Elsner. Along with making the best beef jerky in the world, he owns and operates a driving service. As you’ll hear, that kind of work brings him a LOT of stories! In fact, you’re about to hear TWO stories of his from two different recordings of The Mouth-Off. The first was from the June 9, 2017, and the theme was “Take My Advice”. The second was from April 2018, and the theme was “Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time”

Oh and know that throughout this whole episode, you’ll hear some heartfelt profanity.

Next up, we remember John Farrell, also known as “Fast Jack”. He died on August first at his home in Manchester.

I first met Fast Jack when he was on The Colin McEnroe Show on Connecticut Public Radio, where I work. While he was there, he set up a table to show us how he’d use sleight of hand and distraction to fool his card game opponents. We were easy targets in that newsroom, but as you’ll hear in his story, conning people is not for the faint of heart.

He was our featured speaker at the September 2015 show, and the theme was “Caught in the Act: Stories About NOT Getting Away With It”.

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